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  • How can I access the videos through a firewall?

    The videos used in the system are served by our video hosting partner Vimeo from a separate location, outside of If you are seeing video playback errors like "because of its privacy

  • How to troubleshoot video playback issues?

    If the video doesn't load... Check the Real Python status page ( to see if there are any known issues with video playback or if the website is undergoing maintenance Restart

  • Can I limit the video resolution/streaming quality to save bandwidth?

    You can select a default video resolution in your account settings that will apply to all lesson videos you watch. You can use this to limit the video stream quality, for example to save bandwidth or

  • Enabling video subtitles

    To turn on subtitles when viewing a video, click the CC button in the player's bottom toolbar. In the menu that appears, select the subtitle track you’d like to see: Alternatively you can press the

  • How to troubleshoot file download issues?

    If you're having trouble downloading your ebook files or downloadable bonus content for courses please make sure that: You are signed into your account ( If

  • Lesson video player keyboard shortcuts

    The course lesson video player supports a number of keyboard shortcuts for your convenience: Space pauses or unpauses the video (Ctrl+Shift+P also works as an alternative play/pause shortcut for

  • Enabling or disabling video auto-play

    Auto-play automatically advances to the next course lesson after you finished a lesson video. You can turn this behavior on or off in your account settings: You can also toggle this setting at the

  • How to access video lesson transcripts

    To access a full-text transcript for a particular video lesson, click on the Transcript tab below the video player: 👉The text at the current video timestamp is highlighted in yellow. The highlighted

  • Where do I access members-only video courses?

    You can find all of our members-only video courses listed at When a new course is published you'll also see a new message in your notifications tab.

  • How do I access locked video lessons?

    To access members-only video lessons you need to be logged into your Real Python account with an active membership subscription: To log into your account, please go to To

  • Can I download the videos?

    No, our videos are only available for online streaming.

  • Watching videos in fullscreen mode

    Fullscreen Mode To enter fullscreen mode in the course lesson player, click on the "Fullscreen mode" icon in the top-left corner of the video player: Alternatively, you can press the "F" key to

  • Can I speed up/slow down the videos?

    Sure thing! You can set the video playback speed in your account settings:

  • Is there a limit on how many videos I can watch?

    Nope, there's no limit on the number of video courses and individual lessons you can watch, or how many times you watch a particular video. With your membership subscription you get access to all of

  • How to set a default playback speed for all videos

    You can set the video playback speed for all videos in your account settings:

  • How to find Python tutorials on Real Python?

    The best way to find the Python tutorial you're looking for is to click on the "Learn Python" button in the site-wide navigation bar at the top: There you can find a number of options for finding

  • What is "Paddle"? (Invoicing/Billing)

    Paddle is our secure payment provider for the Real Python online store and Real Python membership subscriptions. Purchases you make via credit card on will show up as PADDLE.NET *

  • Account Login Troubleshooting

    Are you having trouble logging in to you Real Python account? Don't worry—we're here to help. Please see our troubleshooting suggestions below or contact us directly: Do you have multiple email

  • Where can I find out about new courses and tutorials?

    New video courses and written tutorials are listed in your Notifications tab. We'll also notify you about comment replies and new features there:

  • How to delete my account

    To request a deletion of your Real Python account and all associated personal information, go to and follow the instructions there. Please not that once your

  • How does a Real Python membership work?

    When you sign up, you'll immediately have unlimited viewing access to our entire library of Python video courses and written tutorials. You'll also get an invitation to join our private Slack

  • Do Team Owners (admins) need to be assigned a license?

    Team Owners (administrators) do not need a license, unless the administrator also wants access to the video courses and other learning resources. This means that Team Owners can manage billing and

  • How to make a VAT-exempt purchase (B2B)

    If you are purchasing as a business you can make a tax exempt purchase by providing your VAT ID during checkout. We use Paddle ( as our payment provider and they're also the merchant of

  • Auto-play troubleshooting and browser settings

    Modern web browsers are quite picky about allowing autoplaying videos because this feature was abused by advertisers in the past. To make sure autoplay works for your Real Python courses and you can

  • How to organize your courses

    Mark a Course as Completed You can mark a whole course as completed in one fell swoop by selecting the course on your courses overview page, and then scrolling down on the course page until you see

  • Changing your avatar picture and display name

    Your avatar picture and display name is used when commenting on video lessons: It is also displayed at the top right of the navigation bar when you're logged into your account. To change your avatar

  • What's the difference between the RP membership and

    Update (January 2020): and have been shut down and all books, courses, and other products have been migrated to the learning platform. More