How to access video lesson transcripts

To access a full-text transcript for a particular video lesson, click on the Transcript tab below the video player:

👉The text at the current video timestamp is highlighted in yellow. The highlighted text updates as the video plays or as you seek the video using the mouse or the cursor ←/→ keys.

👉You can click on words & sentences in the transcript to seek the video and resume playing at that specific timecode. This makes going back and reviewing specific parts of the video super easy.

👉You can search the transcript using your browser search bar, usually accessible with the ctrl+f (macOS: cmd+f) keyboard shortcut. That way you can quickly jump to relevant areas in the video.

👉The site-wide search box on also searches in transcripts, making it easy to find specific lessons again when you need them.

👉You can share links to specific time codes in the video by right-clicking on a sentence or word in the transcript and selecting Copy Link Address. This is handy for pointing out parts of a video to colleagues and friends.

Transcripts availability: Please note that not all videos have subtitles available at the moment, but we are working hard on bringing subtitles & transcripts to all courses hosted on

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