How to make a VAT-exempt purchase (B2B)

If you are purchasing as a business you can make a tax exempt purchase by providing your VAT ID during checkout.

We use Paddle ( as our payment provider and they're also the merchant of record for purchases made on Sales tax (VAT) is applied to orders according to the customer’s country and state or province, using Paddle's constantly updated tax logic.

To make a tax exempt purchase, please provide your VAT ID during checkout:

  • In the second step of the checkout ("Payment"), click on Add VAT in the order summary list:

  • Enter your company information and VAT ID using one of the supported VAT ID formats
  • After entering your company information, the order summary will update to show the tax exempt amount.
  • For subscription products, this will mark the subscription as tax exempt. This means upcoming subscription renewals will also be tax exempt.

If you run into any issues with making a tax exempt purchase, please contact us or reach out to Paddle's buyer support at

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