How to make a tax exempt purchase (US)

For self-serve subscriptions and ebooks purchased on

We use Paddle ( as our payment provider and they're also the merchant of record for purchases made on It's currently not possible to remove the tax prior to purchasing for self-serve subscriptions. However, once you've completed the purchase on please contact the Paddle buyer support at with your order ID and a copy of your tax exemption certificate. The team will then help to verify the status, refund the tax if eligible, and mark the subscription as tax exempt. This means upcoming subscription renewals will not include tax.

For team subscriptions with 5+ seats purchased from our sales team:

If you're looking to set up an RP for Teams accounts with at least 5 seats, please contact our sales team through this form. You'll receive a tax exempt invoice from us directly after verification and we accept payment via USD wire transfer or credit card.

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