What's the difference between the RP membership and training.realpython.com?

Update (January 2020): training.realpython.com and training.dbader.org have been shut down and all books, courses, and other products have been migrated to the realpython.com learning platform. More info here: https://realpython.com/news/store-migration/

--- Old info below ---

Previously there was only training.realpython.com where you could access your books and training courses you bought from the Real Python online store.

The membership program and the new RP video library is hosted directly on the realpython.com website.
The membership is built into our custom content management system. These two systems are not connected and you will need to create a new account directly on realpython.com to join as a member.
The URL for that is https://realpython.com/join (when you choose a pricing plan it will prompt you to create an account.)
Your existing login and password from training.realpython.com do not carry over, because we don't have access to that information as training.realpython.com is hosted on a different course platform called Podia.
Wheew :)
So, if you run into problems where your email/password are not recognized when trying to sign into realpython.com, the solution is to create a new account on realpython.com.
We now also offer GitHub login for the memberships, so if you have a GitHub account it literally takes 3 seconds to create an account on realpython.com.
Update (January 2020): We're sunsetting training.realpython.com and migrating all books, courses, and other products to the realpython.com learning platform. Stay tuned for a migration email with access instructions from us! ~ Dan 

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