Accessing team analytics (progress reporting)

Team Owners can generate a printable analytics report to view their team’s overall learning progress and a per-member breakdown of accessed content.

Here's how to access the report:

  1. Open the team dashboard
  2. Under Analytics & Progress Reporting click on Generate Analytics Report

The team analytics report includes the following information:

  • # of lessons completed across the entire team
  • # of courses completed across the entire team
  • # of downloadable resources accessed across the entire team
  • Total course watch time across the entire team
  • Last seen at timestamp (per member)
  • # of lessons completed (per member)
  • # of courses completed (per member)
  • # of downloadable resources accessed (per member)
  • Total course watch time (per member)
  • A list of completed courses, with last access timestamp and a link to the completion certificate (per member)
  • A list of started / partially completed courses (per member)
  • A list of downloaded offline resources (per member)

Printing or exporting the report as a PDF document:

  1. Generate the report (as explained above)
  2. Click the Print button
  3. For best results we recommend using Google Chrome with the following settings: Margins = None, Background Graphics = Yes.

Report Example (screenshot):

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